Entrepreneur, oenologist, restaurauteur, photographer and world traveller

Behind the glitz and the glamour of the fine diningindustry, lies a story untold of an entrepreneur,looking to shake up the staunch establishment of theworld's champagne industry


Yvonne Seier


With background in the banking world, she has built successful businesses around a range of interests, including her own champagne brand, Michelin-rated restaurants, a European ‘super car’ club, a women’s mentoring app and a professional cycling training centre.


Set of skills:

A highly networked entrepreneur and business mentor with a strong focus and commitment to achieving results


Born in the United Kingdom, Yvonne lived and worked in London until she moved to

first Germany then Denmark with her Danish husband Lars Seier Christensen, where they started building their first business in banking together.

1996 - 2008


Born in the United Kingdom, Yvonne lived and worked in London until she moved to first Germany then Denmark with her Danish husband Lars Seier Christensen, where he started building their first business in banking.

She adopted from the very start a role as Online Marketing lead supporting international offices with marketing and event consultancy in Saxo Bank. A fully licensed and regulated Danish Bank specialising in online trading and investment across global financial markets



Co-owner of three Michelin Star restaurant Geranium located in Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 - PRESENT


A love of speed and the finest cars, led to Yvonne establishing her first business, Club Supercar. Though the business itself was more for pleasure, Club Supercar was Denmark’s first ever fractional ownership Supercar Club. Club Supercar, provided a unique opportunity to access some of the world’s most luxurious cars.

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Co-owner of two Michelin Star restaurant Alchemist located in Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 - pRESENT


In 2015, Yvonne founded a platform available as a handy app that enables women to share their aspirations, providing an opportunity to talk to those who like to share knowledge , network and give guidance to one another professionally for any stage in life

2017 - PRESENT


Champagne Yvonne Seier Christensen,

was founded in 2017. Currently residing in an 1879 winery building in the Unesco Heritage listed village on the Côte des Blancs. The Flagship brand from “ Maison Les Cinq Filles “ reflects uncompromising values of individuality, sustainability and patience. The cuvée's are all low or zero dosage being served in high end fine dining restaurants across the globe.

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Yvonne, with her husband Lars, is owner of Copenhagen’s three Michelin Star restaurant Geranium — awarded second in the World’s Top 50 Restaurants in 2021. The couple also own the two Michelin Star restaurant Alchemist named Europe’s no. 1 restaurant in 2021 situated in Copenhagen. Yvonne was hands on all the way and rebuilt also a French-inspired café named after the famous Danish author Dan Turèll. A café focused on French/Danish inspired bistro plates with a strong French wine list with sophisticated pourings of fine wines through its “Enomatic” controlled wine dispenser. The café also offers fine wines from all over the world from the walk-in cellar.

In 2009, Yvonne established Club Supercar. Club Supercar is a private member’s organisation and luxury car club providing bespoke services and events for its clients and partners. The aim of Club Supercar was to provide a beguiling range of supercars and host exclusive member events, including privileged access to motor racing and track activities. For our partners, the team delivers project support and full service event management ensuring all needs are met with faultless precision taken to the highest level possible. Gone are the days of the club, yet it still offers on occasion entourage mountain driving tours in your own car and track day experiences.

Yvonne is a graduate in Viticulture and Oenology from Plumpton College in the UK and has an official designation of Négociant Manipulant from the Comité Champagne. She is committed to organic cultivation and her heritage winery house on the Côte des Blancs is being restored with guiding principles of sustainable carbon-neutral production.

Yvonne has released a range of champagne cuvées over the past years, including her celebrated brand “ Les Cinq Filles ”. Yvonne’s Zero Dosage Blanc de Blancs and biodynamic Extra Brut Rosé de Saignée cuvées are served in high-end fine-dining restaurants in Scandinavia, the rest of Europe and Asia.

Maison Les Cinq Filles has also released a Northern Lights champagne range and a suite of “ Skagen “ champagne cuvées inspired by art and Nordic light.



Past and Present

Bocuse d’Or,


“Making my own champagne was not about sticking a label on a bottle and calling it mine. For me, it had to be hands-on from start to finish.”



2017 - 2020

BSc in Viticulture and Oenology

2016 - 2017

1990 - 1992

Contemporary European Studies

1987 - 1990

HND Business Administration and Communication

Our Vision & Philosophy

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Jonathan Durante

Feddie Ocean Distillery

Nina Højgaard Jensen

100% female investors. But why women?

Why not?! Because it’s exceptional. Because the world of spirits is dominated and run by men. The whisky industry mainly educate men and whisky drinkers are most often men. So far. Feddie’s founder is a woman, and from the very start of her career she has succeded in doing business with other women. So,they decided to form a female community within business, investing and this industry which I joined.

Jonathan has worked on all levels within the hospitality and wine trade from chef de rang to sommelier at the most esteemed luxury hotels and restaurants at the French Riviera. He has great expertise, passion and professionalism within wine.

2nd at the ASI Best Sommelier of the World contest 2019 and has also victories like winning the Danish Sommelier Championship, the Nordic Sommelier Championship, the Castel young sommelier championship and 3rd Place in Danish Young Cup.